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BB winner gets an unnecessary boob job

The pictures below of gorgeous BB babe Sophie Reade show her natural breasts in a topless spread she did for Nuts magazine.

Sophie Reade topless

Beautiful Sophie Reade naked

But Sophie decided her breasts (above) were too saggy. Saggy?! If women who really had saggy tits could have those they’d be delighted!

Anyway, the blonde beauty went and got herself a boob job. Not an enlargement, just a ‘firming up’. So she’s gone from the big natural looking jugs you see above to the ridiculously round plastic tits you can see below. Tits that sit unnaturally on her chest, one pointing left, the other pointing right. Boobs that are so far apart from each other that you could drive a bus through them.

Sophie Reade after her boob job

Why Sophie, why? Now you are just like the thousand other silicone chicks out there. At least you could understand a girl with an A cup or B cup getting a boob job, but when you had a great looking natural rack such as your god-given ones, why would you even contemplate doing such a thing?

What a shame.