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Topless hottie hits the beach

Aisleyne topless at the beach

Popular BB babe Aisleyne shows ust why she has so many male fans as she runs along the beach topless while holidaying with her gal pals.

A nipple slip from careless old Aisleyne – again

Aisleyne Wallace has a nipslip

For the millionth time since she was evicted from the Big Brother 7 house in 2006, Aisleyne ‘accidentally’ wears a dress that’s too small and ‘forgets’ her bra at home, meaning the hungry photographers on the London streets get to snap her nipple falling out of her top.

Aisleyne has an upskirt moment

Aisleyne has an upskirt moment

As glamour girl Aisleyne Horgan Wallace arrived at a London nightclub the Irish babe showed waiting paparazzi photographers a glimpse of her panties, which had moved slightly to the side showing her pussy lip. Here’s a closer look:
A pussy slip from Aisleyne Wallace

Aisleyne’s ass is cussed by her fellow housemate

Aisleyne's arse on displayAs Aisleyne paraded around in a ridiculously skimpy thong, a bitter fellow housemate commented on how inappropriate it was. Nikki said “I mean come on, it’s not even like she’s got a nice arse.”

Meeeeeow! (But you’re right Nikki, it’s a flat arse although her breasts look pretty good to be fair)

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