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Charley gets her sexy boobs out

Charley leaves a nightclub

Charlie shows off her jugs

Leaving a nightclub recently, Charley Uchea needed an escort from a burly bodyguard to fight her way through the mass of paparazzi photographers outside and back to her car.

A little bit the worse for drink, classy Charley responded to the photographers’ requests to get her tits out by doing just that. It’s amazing what some wannabes will do for attention, although as she has no other talent than showing your breasts at least she’s making the most of her assets.

Charley can’t take her alcohol

Charley Uchea drunkDozy slapper Charley Uchea falls down drunk after leaving London nightclub China Whites at 3am.

The former Stringfellows dancer has shown a complete lack of class since being booted off Big Brother 8 in 2007 and making a tit of herself is unfortunately for her the only way she can gain column inches.

What a silly cow.

Charley gets her tits out in the pool

Charley swims in the pool

Miss Uchea takes her top off

Hot babe Charlie topless in the swimming pool

Gobby minx Charlie removes her bikini top while swimming, allowing her big black breasts to float sexily in the water. The hot cousin of football star Kieran Richardson is in trouble for her constant bitching and bullying behaviour and it only seems a matter of time before Big Brother bosses kick her off the show.

Which would be a terrible shame as you can see she has got a lot to offer in the nudity stakes.