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Hot Big Brother star does nude photoshoot

Emma Cornell nude in a photo shoot for Zoo

Emma Cornell naked

Emma Cornell topless

Australian model Emma Cornell, who appeared in BB7 back in 2007, has done an extremely sexy photoshoot for men’s mag Zoo Weekly.

The sensational pictures above show off her fit body and firm breasts (though it definitely looks like she’s had a boob job, so they’re probably hard as hell) and only her hand prevents us seeing her pussy.

She was at the centre of controversy while she was in the house as her father, Raymond, lost his long battle with cancer and died and theproducers refused to tell her as this would contravene the strict ‘no contact with the outside world’ rule of Big Brother. The decision provoked a huge outcry in Australia with many fans demanding she be told. However, the producers and her family both claimed Emma was aware her father could die while she was a houseguest and she knew and accepted the risk.

Emma only found out the sad news when she was evicted as it was her father’s wish that should he pass away while she was on air she should not be told.