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Big Brother UK contestant Karly Ashworth is said to be “torn apart” after intimate photos taken by her ex boyfriend appeared on the internet after she ended their relationship.

The photos show Karly flashing her small breasts and spreading her legs open revealing her shaved pussy.

The pretty 21 year old Scot is a glamour model and when she dumped 24 year old Kenneth Tong (who was also a contestant on the 2009 show) he was upset and bitter and when she refused to take him back he leaked the saucy photos you can see above.

He sounds like a bit of a douche bag and if I remember rightly he was smarming up to Sophie Reade in the house and trying to pull her even though he was in the house as Karly’s boyfriend. He made Sophie feel very uncomfortable and the other housemates weren’t impressed and he soon walked as the public turned against him very quickly thanks to his arrogant chauvanistic comments.

Karly seems well rid of him.