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Nikki Grahame has a sexy pussy slip!

Nikki Grahame pussy slip

A close-up of Nikki Grahame's pussy

Nikki came to everybody’s attention with her loud mouth and childish tantrums during Big Brother 7 in the UK in 2006. And it would appear that her attention-seeking ways are still with her as the photos above show.

The hot blonde model donned a saucy bunny girl outfit to go clubbing and posed for the paparazzi, not realising her pussy lips were hanging out of the side of her skimpy thong. What a silly girl!

Nikki Grahame is skinnyMore recently it’s become apparent to everyone that Nikki is getting dangerously skinny – check out the photo on the left.

She herself admits she has a problem and it can’t help being in the spotlight as often as she is.

She’s written a book about her lifelong battle against eating disorder and hopefully she can conquer this particular demon as she is a bright, bubbly attractive girl.

Nikki and Leah lez it up

Leah and Nikki snoggingHot blonde babe Nikki and busty MILF Leah swapped saliva as they had a full on French kiss after being dared to in a drunken session at the sofas.

That particular lesbian fantasy will be enough to keep many men warm at night.

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Oops, Nikki’s towel falls down in front of Pete

Nikki's towel falls downIn trying to dress after showering, Nikki accidentally let her towel slip allowing Pete a quick peek at her breasts.

Lucky guy.

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