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Sophie Reade

Sophie Reade naked in a glamour video

Some raunchy video showing Big Brother UK 10 winner Sophie Reade on a nude modelling assignment has come to light.

The videos show her totally naked so feast your eyes on her huge breasts, curvy ass and bald pussy as the camera lingers lovingly over her voluptuous figure. The pretty blonde was a surprise winner of BB in 2009 as usually models and pretty girls are voted off early as the predominantly young female viewers jealously get rid of them. But Sophie won everyone’s hearts with her down to earth manner and sweet girl-next-door behaviour and we had our first glamour model champion.

Sophie Reade toplessSophie shows her shaved pussy

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Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame has a sexy pussy slip!

Nikki Grahame pussy slip

A close-up of Nikki Grahame's pussy

Nikki came to everybody’s attention with her loud mouth and childish tantrums during Big Brother 7 in the UK in 2006. And it would appear that her attention-seeking ways are still with her as the photos above show.

The hot blonde model donned a saucy bunny girl outfit to go clubbing and posed for the paparazzi, not realising her pussy lips were hanging out of the side of her skimpy thong. What a silly girl!

Nikki Grahame is skinnyMore recently it’s become apparent to everyone that Nikki is getting dangerously skinny – check out the photo on the left.

She herself admits she has a problem and it can’t help being in the spotlight as often as she is.

She’s written a book about her lifelong battle against eating disorder and hopefully she can conquer this particular demon as she is a bright, bubbly attractive girl.

Krystal Forscutt

No more glamour modelling for Krystal Forscutt

BB Australia houseguest Krystal Forscutt has officially decided to leave behind the world of glamour modelling which has served her so well over the last few years since her appearance on the show.

The 23 year old Aussie babe wants to pursue a career on the small screen. “I’m looking for a challenge and trying to crack the acting world. I’m also currently enrolled in a singer/songwriter course and am just trying to broaden my skills beyond wearing a bikini.”

That is devestating news for her vast legion of fans who have enjoyed seeing her smokin’ hot body on the cover of lads mags such as Nuts, FHM and Zoo.

Krystal Forscutt models a sexy bikini

Makosi Mumbasi

Makosi is forced to get out of bed nude

Makosi nude in BB6Makosi was trying to snooze in the Big Brother bedroom when Science decided to wake her and get her out of bed. So he pulled the covers off her, not realising she was sleeping nude and her big black ass was exposed for all to see.

To make matters worse he then took the duvet away so that she would have to get up to retrieve it, which she did, exposing her pussy and huge natural breasts as she did so.

Science thought this was hilarious and was giggling in the corner with some of the other housemates, but Makosi wasn’t happy she’d been woken and went back to sleep having been forced to show everyone her naked body.

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Karly Ashworth

Leaked pussy pics of Karly Ashworth

Karly Ashworth flashes her breasts

Karly Ashworth nude

Big Brother UK contestant Karly Ashworth is said to be “torn apart” after intimate photos taken by her ex boyfriend appeared on the internet after she ended their relationship.

The photos show Karly flashing her small breasts and spreading her legs open revealing her shaved pussy.

The pretty 21 year old Scot is a glamour model and when she dumped 24 year old Kenneth Tong (who was also a contestant on the 2009 show) he was upset and bitter and when she refused to take him back he leaked the saucy photos you can see above.

He sounds like a bit of a douche bag and if I remember rightly he was smarming up to Sophie Reade in the house and trying to pull her even though he was in the house as Karly’s boyfriend. He made Sophie feel very uncomfortable and the other housemates weren’t impressed and he soon walked as the public turned against him very quickly thanks to his arrogant chauvanistic comments.

Karly seems well rid of him.

Jordan Lloyd

Movie clips of Jordan naked inside the BB house

Here are some great videos taken from Big Brother 10 featuring eventual winner Jordan Lloyd naked:

Jordan naked after her bathJordan gets out of the shower and doesn’t bother to cover her glorious body with her towel, allowing us a great look at her pussy, ass and breasts.

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Jordan Lloyd boob slipWhilst getting undressed, Jordan has a double boob slip when she pulls her bra off from underneath her clothes trying to keep them hidden from view.

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Jordan takes her bra offThe sexy blonde slyly takes her bra off in the corner of the bedroom trying not to be seen, but oops – there’s her tit!

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Jordan nude in bathThe winner of Big Brother 2009 is filmed nude having a bubble bath.

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Jordan's pussy while changingBB 10 champ Jordan changes in the bedroom and despite trying to pull her panties up quickly, she’s too slow and we see a flash of her pussy.

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Jordan topless while dressingBusty babe Jordan is filmed topless as she gets dressed in the house.

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Jordan flashes her breastsCheeky Jordan Lloyd flashes her tits at the camera for a laugh. I like it!

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Imogen Thomas

Welsh beauty Imogen gets a terrible boob job

Imogen Thomas topless

Imogen Thomas shows off her new breasts

Imogen Thomas has had her breasts enlarged from a modest 32C to a 32E. The petite star of Big Brother 7 UK was a huge hit with the fellas when the show aired in 2008 and when she got out she did lots of naked magazine spreads.

However, she’s decided her lovely tits needed a boost but I don’t think it was necessary myself. Check out the photo below taken before her op and tell me she doesn’t look stunning compared to the mis-shapen bowling balls she’s had airfixed to her chest. Why oh why do so many women think unnatural looking silicone tits will make them look better?

Imogen before her boob job

Emma Cornell

Hot Big Brother star does nude photoshoot

Emma Cornell nude in a photo shoot for Zoo

Emma Cornell naked

Emma Cornell topless

Australian model Emma Cornell, who appeared in BB7 back in 2007, has done an extremely sexy photoshoot for men’s mag Zoo Weekly.

The sensational pictures above show off her fit body and firm breasts (though it definitely looks like she’s had a boob job, so they’re probably hard as hell) and only her hand prevents us seeing her pussy.

She was at the centre of controversy while she was in the house as her father, Raymond, lost his long battle with cancer and died and theproducers refused to tell her as this would contravene the strict ‘no contact with the outside world’ rule of Big Brother. The decision provoked a huge outcry in Australia with many fans demanding she be told. However, the producers and her family both claimed Emma was aware her father could die while she was a houseguest and she knew and accepted the risk.

Emma only found out the sad news when she was evicted as it was her father’s wish that should he pass away while she was on air she should not be told.

Rachel Reilly

Oops, an areola slip from busty beauty

Rachel's areola slipMiss Reilly’s large breasts are too big for her green bikini and so it was just a matter of time before she popped out of it. While her whole boob didn’t fall out, it moved enough so that her areola was peeping out – very sexy.

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Janelle Pierzina

Janelle’s Playboy photos

Janelle topless in Playboy

Janelle shows her pussy

Before she was a houseguest in USA Big Brother 6, Janelle was an actress and model. Not a very successful one. But she did do a rather attractive Playboy spread where she posed shirtless in sexy stockings and also in a few photos without panties and therefore showing her pussy.

So it must’ve sounded pretty hollow when she declared during her time in the house that she would never get nude. Which she didn’t while on BB, but she must’ve forgot this particular naked photoshoot she did for the Heff.