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Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle poses nude for lads mag

Chantelle Houghton nude

Sexy blonde Chantelle Houghton of Big Brother UK fame shows off her pert little tits as she poses topless for this glamour photo shoot.

The winner of Celebrity Big Brother 4 has recently given birth to her first child, fathered by boyfriend Alex Reid, himself a minor UK celebrity. Let’s hope she regains her fabulous figure and carries on with her naked photoshoots once she resumes work.

Kara Monaco

Kara Monaco to enter the Big Brother house

Kara Monaco nude

Former Playboy Playmate Kara Monaco is set for her Big Brother bow in the season premiere of Big Brother 14 on July 12th in the US.

The hot blonde nude model will hopefully be showing off the sexy curves that made her such a hit with Playboy readers a few years ago. Boasting measurements of 34C-24-34, the 5’6″ beauty will no doubt enthrall male viewers of the popular reality show and will probably wrest the title of sexiest houseguest ever from the legendary Jordan Lloyd.

Imogen Thomas

Imogen Thomas is gagged and bound

Imogen Thomas nude

The Welsh beauty is only metaphorically gagged as she is still not allowed to talk about her affair with married soccer star Ryan Giggs, which is what this photoshoot is alluding to as it sees her tied up with tape — very symbolic!

She still looks stunning of course. The former Big Brother UK housemate has made a lucrative career from appearing nude and topless in various lads mags and in this picture she shows off her big new boobs and sensational figure. Ryan is one lucky bastard…

Rachel Reilly

Watch 20 naked videos from BB USA 2010!

That’s right, we’ve collected loads of sexy footage from the live feeds featuring Rachel, Kristen, Britney, Kathy, Monet and Britney ALL nude!

Most of the revealing stuff has come from busty bitch Rachel Reilly who’s whipped those huge plastic jugs out on quite a few occasions, as well as accidentally letting her pussy show and having sex with Brendon. Check out the screencaps below and head over to the USA Video page to watch it all.

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Rachel's nipple slipRachel Reilly's pussy
Redhead hottie shows her assRach and Brendon have night time sex
Rachel gives Brendon a handjobBrandon fucks Rachel in the bedroom
Rachel's boob slips out of her topHorny Rachel makes out with Brandon
Rachel's sexy assOops, Miss Reilly has an areola slip!
Monet topless in the showerKathy shows her breasts through the glass door
Kristen's pussy exposed!Kristen's boobs are visible over the shower door
Kristen has a nipple slip while suntanningLucky Hayden gets a handjob from Kristen
Kristen reveals her fake tits while changing clothesPantieless Britney's pussy lips can be seen up her shorts

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Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle’s nipple slips outside a nightclub

Sexy Chantelle Houghton – formerly a winner of UK Celebrity Big Brother – slips a nip as she drunkenly leaves a nightclub.

The hot Essex girl was voted sexiest Big Brother contestant of all time by the British edition of FHM magazine, and with her long blonde hair and killer body, who can argue?

Formerly married to lead singer of the Ordinary Boys Samuel Preston, she hoped to rekindle their love affair when they both appeared on the Ultimate Big Brother show in 2010, but it wasn’t to be and there was no happy ending for this pretty lady.

Chantelle Houghton's nipple

Sexy Chantelle has an oops moment, letting her nipple slip out

Krystal Forscutt

Woo hoo, a close up of those heavenly breasts!

Krystal's breasts close-upKrystal put her bikini on in front of the two way mirror allowing the cameraman behind the glass (who must’ve been rock hard) a great lingering look at her perfect tits spilling out of her cups.

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Amy Alexandra

Topless tart tries to seduce Liam

Amy goes toplessAmy’s efforts to seduce and form an alliance with Liam reached new levels when she brazenly peeled off her shirt in front of him and pretended he wasn’t there, allowing him a peek at her best assets – those wonderful naked tits.

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Chanelle Hayes

Pregnant Chanelle recreates Demi’s famous pose

Pregnant Chanelle shows off her bump

It’s not much of a bump for a 6 month pregnant woman, but then 22 year old Chanelle has always been a petite little thing.

The former Big Brother contestant is due to give birth to her baby having split up from its father and is admant she’ll have the support of her parents and sister in her hometown of Leeds, England to help raise it.

Good luck to her I say.

Saskia Clarke

Saski planning a breast reduction because of the pain

Saskia Clarke breast reduction

Big Brother 6 star Saskia Howard Clarke is finally having a boob job to relieve herself of the pain and discomfort having such enormous tits brings.

The pretty 28 year old, who previously dated fellow BB housemate Maxwell, says she has to sleep with a bra on and can’t find any nice clothes to fit her figure. She is a petite girl with an astonishing I cup breast size and wants to reduce her rack to DDs.

It’s a shame as personally I think natural looking breasts are always more attractive, however big or small they are. She’ll be giving up her unique selling point – there aren’t many curvy girls with huge natural tits – and joining the ranks of thousands of other wannabes with silicone lumps on their chests.

Having previously done some acting she’d like to get back into that, but I reckon her real talent is flopping her huge hooters out. If the acting fails and the huge hooters have gone, what you gonna do Saskia?

Check out the curvy figure and massive natural melons that have made her such a popular topless model over the last few years.

Saskia Howard Clarke topless

Saskia Clarke's big breasts

Sophie Reade

BB winner gets an unnecessary boob job

The pictures below of gorgeous BB babe Sophie Reade show her natural breasts in a topless spread she did for Nuts magazine.

Sophie Reade topless

Beautiful Sophie Reade naked

But Sophie decided her breasts (above) were too saggy. Saggy?! If women who really had saggy tits could have those they’d be delighted!

Anyway, the blonde beauty went and got herself a boob job. Not an enlargement, just a ‘firming up’. So she’s gone from the big natural looking jugs you see above to the ridiculously round plastic tits you can see below. Tits that sit unnaturally on her chest, one pointing left, the other pointing right. Boobs that are so far apart from each other that you could drive a bus through them.

Sophie Reade after her boob job

Why Sophie, why? Now you are just like the thousand other silicone chicks out there. At least you could understand a girl with an A cup or B cup getting a boob job, but when you had a great looking natural rack such as your god-given ones, why would you even contemplate doing such a thing?

What a shame.